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5 tips on How to Wash Your printed T-shirts

How to Wash Your printed T-shirts?

Washing DTG printed shirts are different from washing other types of shirts because of the material used is different. With DTG printed shirts the ink is laid into the fabric which would be different from a vinyl printed shirts.

here are the 5 steps on How to wash a DTG Printed shirt?

As you can see it is not hard to learn How to Wash Your printed T-shirts Dtg printed shirts or regular printed shirts similarly. Therefore the important part is to Not Dry the shirts on high heat or you risk your shirts shrinking. regarding shrinkage of the material, this will be no problem, since all Dusan shop t-shirts are pre-shrunk. also, want to stay away from using hot water if you do not need to.
Abdelrahim Farah

Abdelrahim Farah

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