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Essentially, it’s revenue sharing. You introduce Dusan shop to customers that you think might be interested in our Products. And once they make an order you get a slice of the revenue. Sounds fair, right?

1470399614 Social Media

how does it work?


Benefits of becoming

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1470399656 Branding

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1470399594 Web Design

Recurring commissions

you will earn from any referral customer that makes any sale for whole 60 days

1470399715 E Commerce

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we will pay your money by Paypal, manual or as Dusan wallet credit

1470399662 Marketing

commissions up to 30%

Start your commission from 5% and work your way up to 30% in our rewarding program

1470399607 Illustration

We support you

we will provide you with different marketing assets (images, videos, etc..)

1470399674 App Development

Tracking and reporting tools

So you can keep track of your efforts

see all terms and conditions to be Dusan’s Partner