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Top 5 Sudanese Hip Hop Musicians who influenced Sudan’s Revolution

If Suffering generates creativity, it is with no doubt the Sudanese Hip hop music.

traditional poet and music were always an effective way to express oppression and support Revolutions. Nothing new here, right?

What almost everybody noticed that the 19th December 2018 Revolution witnesses the largest contribution from Sudanese Hip Hop Musician As a different type of peaceful and artistic resistance.

watching the protests through streets, Social Media or T.V, you can’t ignore all the Hip Hop artists who did a phenomenon and creative work during the demonstrations, supporting protesters, spreading messages and seeking to get the international attention to the cause.

Therefore, I did my best to list the Top 5 Sudanese Hip Hop Musician who had a major influence on Sudan’s Revolution. they have been selected according to the music, style, the no. of views, and how the streets reacted with them. 


1. Ayman Moe


A Reggie and hip-hop artist who live in United state since 2009. Moe was always Making New Music some times in a form of just freestyling inside his car. One of the big hits he released was in 2011 during “Arabic Spring” goes by the name of  BIN ALI HARAB ” بن علي هرب”  talking about Tunisian president who fled after the revolution hit the roof in Tunisia. In this song, Moe sent a clear invitation to the Sudanese people to follow Tunisia’s leads and do the same.

However, the song that had the most effect and hung on the minds of every Sudanese’s man, woman, and kids from all ages, was the song named HOW MUCH THEY PAID YOU? “دفعو لك كم؟” although this song was released on 2013 before the revolution of 19th December 2018, because of the simplicity and its strong and expressive words this song was the most prominent chants during the revolution and in all demonstrations.

Mao returned to Sudan after nearly 10 years, he was welcomed like heroes at the sit-in and staged a major ceremony for the revolutionaries at a gathering that could be the largest for any Sudanese artist in Sudan. Ayman Mao is an artist who has contributed artistically to the formation of awareness and to stir up the enthusiasm of the revolution among people and enrich Sudanese art in a unique and unusual way in Sudanese music. See more of Ayman in his youtube channel. SEE MORE OF AYMAN’S WORK

2. A.G


Abdulgaleel AKA A G, This guy is one of my favorites, Making music since 2008. He disappeared temporarily in 2013, but he returned strongly during the Revolution of 19th of December.

A.G has a unique vocal and music style, in addition to his deep lyrics and messages, his songs are one of the most prominent songs that emerged during the revolution of 19th of December 2018. The most prominent songs given by A.G were SUDAN BIDON KIZAN “سودان بدون كيزان”,

this song summarized so many of Sudanese people Demands in political and social matters, he clearly stated that we longer want any of the leaders of the last regime.

I personally enjoy and listen to this song almost on daily basis, but we cannot also forget the amazing song “عسكر”, which talks about the situation of the Sudanese people and the link between the military rule and the crisis which affected Sudanese citizens.
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3. Ahmed Amin


A Sudanese singer, composer, and producer who live in Saudi Arabia, as mentioned in one of his pages that one of his goals is to develop and improve the Sudanese song to make it modern and global. This artist with a fresh voice and beautiful music produced great works. Revolution and the issues of Sudan had the largest part of it. When you hear his songs, you feel that his conscience and heart are filled with the love of his country.

One of the most prominent songs of Ahmad Amin, which spread widely was “civil, freedom and peace” because of the detailed description of the horrible massacre that took place on 29 Ramadan (3 June 2019), which was called the massacre of the sit-in of the General Command. This song was strongly present at a million man march of the 40th day of the martyrs of the General Command sit-in on 13 July 2019

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4. Spestian


Mehmed Adris AKA Military Ghost AKA Spestian” as he likes to introduce himself”, a resident of the UAE, is a hip-hop artist whose songs express the problems facing Sudanese youth and Sudan in general. he has a distinctive choice of lyrics. Sebastian is distinguished by his songs aimed at spreading awareness . One of Spestian’s most prominent song was “Voice of the street” addressed to the Sudanese government and brilliantly described the current situation of Sudan, although this song was in 2017, it is distinct and unique in all aspects(words, melody, and style).

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5. A.o.A

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Abdulrahman Omar Abdul Ghani is a Sudanese writer and singer born in Saudi Arabia in 1994. He works in the field of art and media production

In support of local and regional social issues, began his career in 2010 in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and returned to Sudan in 2015 and continued to work to the present time. Abdulrahman is distinguished by his unique style of diction and expressive and purposeful words. His songs express pride of Sudanese identity and culture.

One of his most prominent songs is TASLAM NSAIMAK YA WATAN “تسلم نسايمك يا وطن” in collaboration with artist Gamal Mesbah

One of his greatest songs against the Sudanese government during the glorious December revolution was the song “رصاصة رحمة” which he addressed directly to the regime and its practice of murder, torture, and crimes against the Sudanese people

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in the end, I’d like to say that this list was implemented according to certain criteria, including the number of views and their emergence during the days of the Sudanese revolution and the information provided by artists themselves or available on the internet. I know that I have not and will not be able to include everyone. There are so many great Sudanese Hip Hop musicians and they are very professional and I am sure that in the near future they will be all over T.V channels and Radio stations because of their unique style and how they present hip hop in a new, purely Sudanese style.


I would like to thank all of them for their creativity and I have all the respect for their efforts to enrich Sudanese art

If I had the right to advise them, I will say that you are wonderful and creative people and you only need the world to hear you and I am so sure that you will take the highest positions in this field. My advice is to “market for yourselves”. I am saying that because I had difficulties collecting information about you so you can imagine what the listener may suffer in a time where no one has time and the market suffering from saturation.

Abdelrahim Farah

Abdelrahim Farah

Creating Content is My Joy, I always looking for content that gives value to the readers
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